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Work with Wilson-Taylor Associates to engage key audiences through stories and statistics. We collaborate with companies and associations on:

  • Original research projects that make your organization the go-to source for data and insights.
  • Content strategy, from developing personas to writing content that real persons want to read.
  • White papers, articles and reports that build and expand your expertise.
  • Communication and media training so that you can confidently navigate media. interviews and win media coverage based on your expertise and experience.

Our signature product: The MOVE Project – a unique research and advocacy model that helps employers understand how well they are doing in terms of advancing women and how they can do better.

MOVE Project LogoNew! The 2017 Accounting MOVE Project is open for firms of all sizes. Register here, and read the press release: 2017-move-project-launch-release-9-19-16

2016 Accounting MOVE Project Results: Report, Best CPA Firms for Women list, and Equity Leadership list.

Read all about it in the press release: Best Firms & MOVE 2016    And use the 2016AccountingMOVEReport to use executive sponsorship to cultivate women leaders, partners, and as a ‘silver bullet’ for succession planning.

  • Since 2010, the Accounting MOVE Project has set and raised the bar for CPA firms
  • MOVE Projects have also catalyzed change for the cable television and transportation industries and for the Fortune 500.
  • Join the Accounting MOVE Project now! Getting started is simple: sign up here and we’ll set you up with everything you need to complete the MOVE Project survey and access MOVE resources that are catalyzing real change at CPA firms of all sizes.
  • The 2016 Accounting MOVE Project theme: Sponsorships: Step Up Success Sponsorships are a proven mode of advancing staff, and many CPA firms do it well. The 2016 Accounting MOVE Project will show firms how they can amplify, accelerate and augment sponsorship to propel more women to partnership.
  • Learn more about advancing women in public accounting at the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance Annual Conference, October 26 – 28 , 2015, in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Career lattices are poised to propel the materials handling, logistics and transportation industries to win and keep the talent they need to grow. Here are key handouts from Joanne Cleaver’s October 2014 panel presentation at the annual conference of the Materials Handling Institute.