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Registration is now open for the 2022 Accounting MOVE Project! The 2022 theme is Navigating the New Career-Fluid Culture: Redefining Retention and Talent Engagement  Click here to register.

Work with Wilson-Taylor Associates to engage key audiences through stories and statistics. We collaborate with companies and associations on:

  • Original research projects that make your organization the go-to source for data and insights.
  • Content strategy, from developing personas to writing content that real persons want to read.
  • White papers, articles and reports that build and expand your expertise.
  • Communication and media training so that you can confidently navigate media. interviews and win media coverage based on your expertise and experience.
  • And successful media outreach so that your message reaches the right audiences.

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Results for the 2020 Accounting MOVE Project have been released!

Read the report and see which firms made the Best Firms for Women and Best Firms for Equity Leadership, presented by the Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance.

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