Quiz Yourself! How to Choose a Media Trainer

Media training is a specialty within strategic communications. This quick quiz will help you size up the qualifications of media trainers.

1. The trainers are:

a) public relations lifers.
b) former journalists.
c) editors of the company magazine.
d) certified trainers with extensive media experience.


2. The session will include:

a) memorization drills so the trainee knows what to say.
b) review of the questions most likely to be asked.
c) war stories from the trainer’s glory days as a news correspondent.
d) techniques that equip trainees to respond confidently to any question.


3. The most important thing for participants to understand about the media is:

a) you can’t trust any reporter.
b) you can always review the story before it goes to press.
c) what their news priorities are.
d) if you can guess their bias, you can game your answers accordingly.


4. The best kind of practice in a media training session is:

a) several short interviews with a working journalists – in a confidential setting, of course.
b) if the participants understand the principles, they don’t need to practice.
c) Q & A’s with organization public relations staffers.
d) participants should interview each other.


5. Cutting Edge media technology is a must for media training because:

a) you have to know how you look on camera.
b) it’s not – media training is about training is about gaining skills and confidence regardless of the medium.
c) everything ends up on YouTube or Facebook these days.
d) it’s the only way the communications department can get budget for more toys.


6. Crisis communications training is necessary:

a) once you’ve mastered media training 101.
b) only for executives.
c) it’s not – that’s what public relations people are for.
d) for credible spokespeople for each line of business, region or brand.


7. There’s no crying in media skills training. True or False?

a) False. It’s all about tough love.
b) True. Professional, experienced trainers critique with class.


8. The sign of a successfully completed media training workshop is that participants leave saying:

a) I need a drink.
b) I’ll never read or hear a news report the same way again.
c) Our public relations staffers deserve a raise.
d) I’m sure I can handle the next media request that comes my way.