What Are Your Words Worth?

Measuring the ROI of a media mention has always been more art than science. One of the top five factors, according to a recent PR Newswire article:  did your key message get included?
It’s one thing to be quoted on a random topic (stray wildlife terrorizing Wal-Mart shoppers) . Such stories can humanize your organization. But they don’t go far in achieving your core strategic communication goals —  especially if words essential for search aren’t woven into your message.

“For example, getting coverage of an important new product announcement is great. But without specific and prominent mention of any new technology you’re unveiling by name, and why it’s noteworthy, a lot of the luster is lost. Without these key strategic messages, readers view your announcement as “just another new product.” The messaging is so important because how your product works, and the benefits it delivers, are far more important than what it does.

Many products do the same thing in a given category, but the “how” is the essence of differentiation and perceived value.”

Before crafting your message for an interview, identify the best search term or phrase to use.  Play with several combinations to see how consumers intuitively search for the product, service, or idea that is the core of your message.  Research indicates that the typical search includes no more than four words.  Embedding your brand, product or concept in a phrase that reflects its organic context will increase your chance of wringing the most from a media mention.

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