“We Love Women!” Ok, Prove It!

Employers love to brag about awards, especially awards that help them attract women and minorities to boost diversity. But how can you see past the self-congratulations to the real deal…especially if you’re interviewing and hoping that you’ll be able to take advantage of such programs?

The current issue of The Glass Hammer cuts through the rhetoric and gets to the point: Yes, if the company is bragging about its wonderful awards, then it’s perfectly in line to ask them to explain how those awards translate to a daily culture and work-life blend that you might experience if you worked there.

Among the great sources for this piece (yes, including me and the Accounting MOVE Project) is Risa Lavine, one of the smartest human resources people I’ve ever met. Her common-sense advice: when you’re scouting a potential employer, simply keep your eyes open. Are women well represented in higher ranks? Does the company back up its happy talk with women taking key roles at all levels?

Both men and women should advocate for the advancement of women. If men do all the talking and the numbers don’t back them up….well, you might have your answer right there.