We Take Our Own Advice!

Show, don’t tell.

That’s one of the cardinal rules of storytelling. Don’t tell me you’re great at messaging. Show me. If you really are snappy, I’ll draw my own conclusion that you’re snappy. I’ll believe it even more because I own my own opinion, based on my observation of your undeniable snappiness.

As a strategic communication consultant and media trainer, I work with organizations to help them crystallize their messages.  Media interviews need talking points. To be quoted, you must be…quotable. Communication campaigns need slogans. To be remembered, your message must be…memorable.

That’s my tell. Here’s my show. My career strategy book, “The Career Lattice,” is due out in April from McGraw Professional. The message of the book is that strategic lateral moves are the only sustainable career path in  an era of slow growth and flattened, team-centric organizations.

How to say that in just a few words, especially when Fortune magazine freelancer Jena McGregor called for an interview?

“Over is the new up.”

“You’re so quotable!” said Ms. McGregor.

Thank you. And thanks for foreshadowing “The Career Lattice”  in a feature about lateral career moves.