Keeping Up Is Hard To Do

You’re not the only one on information overload. As wave after wave of information washes up in our inboxes, desks and brains, information overload is becoming a top problem for communicators.

In fact, according to a new report from the Plank Center for Leadership, a think tank for public relations types, “speed and volume of information flow” was cited by 23.1% of the survey’s array of international respondants, making it their number one concern.

What they’re doing about it indicates unfolding spending priorities. In descending order, the top five tactics for dealing with information overload are:

  • Adding new skills and work processes
  • Adopting new technology to collect and disseminate information
  • Same staff, more work
  • Bringing in consultants
  • Hiring

The most powerful driver of new strategies was social media and digital communication. Conspicuously absent: overarching strategies that integrate all strategic communication channels. While the leaders who completed the survey reported that they are boosting training and skills for staff, they appear to overlook the one thing that will always support growth: creating work structures that are designed to always integrate change and adaptation, instead of constantly resetting to accomodate the latest, greatest communication innovation.