Career lattices are poised to propel the materials handling, logistics and transportation industries to win and keep the talent they need to grow. Here are key handouts from Joanne Cleaver’s October 2014 panel presentation at the annual conference of the Materials Handling Institute.

Here are:

Learn how career lattices can help your company!

  • discover hidden talent
  • bridge skills gaps
  • develop today’s talent for tomorrow’s growth
  • increase retention
  • and more, as outlined in the case studies below and in the book.

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The Career LatticeContact Joanne for consulting and speaking. An engaging and inspiring speaker, she has already brought the message of The Career Lattice to business groups and employers, including the COO Forum of Chicago, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the American Women’s Society of Accountants, and Women in Cable Telecommunications, and individual employers.

Connect with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. CAEL has over 30 years of experience designing workplace training programs for employers and industries.

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Employer case studies from The Career Lattice

Healing the Nursing Shortage
If the health care industry can’t get enough nurses, just imagine how hard it is to get nurses in thinly populated South Dakota. The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, which runs dozens of hospitals and extended-care facilities in the west, simply didn’t have enough nurses.

In 2002, Good Sam, along with seven other health care systems, partnered with CAEL and the U.S. Department of Labor to frame career lattices designed to resolve the shortage of nurses. The program combined virtual classes with a flexible schedule for the requisite on-site clinical rotations. This solved the logistical problems that prevented ambitious nursing assistants in small towns from continuing their educations. Good Sam extended the nursing lattice to enable program graduates to gain specialty certifications, filling its pipeline with administrators and program directors. So far, the Good Sam nursing lattice has funneled over 150 nurses to its facilities.

Outlining Career Possibilities in Telecommunications
Remember when cable was the latest, greatest thing?

So do many telecommunications industry employees. But telecom today and tomorrow is all about mobile, and that invokes a different set of skills — and requires continual evolution of employee experiences and abilities to ensure that employers will be able to support tomorrow’s demand.

But how could the industry help employees see the connections between careers as varied as field installations, call centers, infrastructure design and strategy?
Through an interactive lattice, VIVIDFuture illustrates where employees can take their current skill sets. Click on the “career map” button and choose a job title. Career paths branch out to related jobs in several industry categories. Click on those jobs to see what skills they require.

The result of an ongoing collaboration between CAEL and the National Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning, VIVIDFuture also links to current job openings so that employees can see how their current skills position them in the market. VIVIDFuture is designed not only to retain current employees through lateral development, but to show new recruits how they can craft a long-term career in the industry.

— Case studies condensed from The Career Lattice

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