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Get ahead by going over and up.

Career lattices are the sustainable, flexible career The Career Latticedesign for individuals and employers.

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The worst career advice you can give is “follow in my footsteps,” and the worst career advice you can get is to follow in someone’s footsteps. It used to be that footsteps provided a solid step on the up-or-out career ladder. Now, the ladder is broken and footsteps are in sand…on the beach…and it’s always high tide.

Everything’s changing too fast, and the stakes are too high, to stick with linear career paths. Nobody wants their next job to be what some else did yesterday. Individuals want fresh challenges that blend what they already know and are good at with fresh challenges. Fortunately, that’s what employers need, too: people skilled at taking lateral moves to gain skills, experience and relationships that will propel them to greater success in their next step up.

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Career lattices are the proven way for employers to win, develop, keep and promote diverse talent and tomorrow’s leaders. Use this short deck and handout to see how the essential lattice can help your workplace achieve its goals.

Lattice from Staff to Entrepreneurship workshop — online and on site

Set yourself up for entrepreneurial success while you are still on staff! This innovative workshop breaks down the transition from staff to business owner/self-employment into five manageable steps that any staffer or new retiree can use immediately.

Here’s what the Meg Herman, Director of Entrepreneurial Services for Chicago’s Women’s Business Development Center, has to say about Lattice from Staff to Entrepreneurship: Joanne Cleaver is a superb facilitator of learning conversations for people and organizations who are going through professional and organizational change. She has relevant and timely research at the ready to add value to those latticing their way to a new future in their industry/profession. This workshop fills a crucial gap to bridge to success for people considering entrepreneuring in their future.”

Lattice from Staff to Entrepreneurship can be customized for near and new retirees, working parents, and millennials. Contact Joanne Cleaver today to learn more.

Published in spring 2012 by McGraw Professional, The Career Lattice draws on the extensive expertise of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. The Career Lattice is also based on MOVE Project research conducted by Wilson-Taylor Associates.

The Career Lattice author and speaker Joanne Cleaver is her own best case study. Here’s her own career lattice.

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